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Nebny has worked to develop low-cost, replicable models that can easily spread and be adopted by other organizations. Thousands of volunteers worked with Nebny to implement learning interventions at the grassroots level.

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Nebny’s strategies reconfigure teaching methodologies, break down traditional tactics,
and challenge the current rote learning mechanisms in our schools. Our programs are innovative and outcome-driven. In its early years Nebny developed innovative teaching-learning approaches, materials, and measurement methods

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Over 75% of Egyptian children in the age group 6 to 14 are enrolled in school. Although these children have been in school for several years, many have not acquired the foundational skills that are essential for moving ahead. The challenge is how to enable such children to acquire basic reading and arithmetic, quickly and durably so they get a real chance to complete the elementary stage in a meaningful way.

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Going Digital

The Hybrid learning program involves getting children in the age group 10-14 in a village to form their own groups of 5-6 each, thus enabling them to co-create a learning space within their community. Digital devices and content placed directly in the hands of children providing them with opportunities and choices to learn on their own. Community based children’s groups engage in choice-based learning and are guided by the coaches and youth members in the communities. The communities are organized to facilitate and support the learning activities and assessments

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How we spend your donations and where it goes

We understand that when you make a  donation, you want to know exactly where your money is going and we pledge to be transparent.

40% planting trees
35% cleanliness program
10% helping people
10% animal safety
5% feeding the poor
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You can contribute to make the environment greener!

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